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“Calendered TEXTILES SLES specialized in the processes of textile finishing company, has Integrated Environmental Authorisation number of IPPC Facilities General Register of Valencia (361-08 / AAI / CV) as its responsibility as a company is to meet with the regulations imposed by the competent authorities in environmental matters. That is why manages all hazardous and non-hazardous activity produced through authorized waste managers.

It also has a treatment system of wastewater which are subject to quality control, both internally and externally, through accredited laboratories to avoid any kind of waste that exceeds the legally established parameters.

We conducted a rational use of natural resources and environmental improvement of our processes through the use of least harmful chemicals Environment ”

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We are a company specializing in Textile Finishing. Since our inception in 1988, it has been our policy to offer the highest quality and best service.

The experience and professionalism of highly qualified staff allow us to offer the highest quality at the best price.


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We are a company specializing in textile finishing and we are in constant technological and environmental renewal since its inception in 1988.